"I can remember coming to New York to make it or break it in jazz and saying to myself, ‘Now how should I attack this practical problem of becoming a jazz musician, and making a living and so on?’ And ultimately, I came to the conclusion that all I must do is take care of the music, even if I do it in a closet. And if I really do that, somebody’s going to come and open the door of the closet and say, ‘Hey we’re looking for you." - Bill Evans (great jazz pianist)

About Us

At The CP Welde Group, we are goal-focused and plan-driven operating in a culture that is market-focused and performance-driven.

In a system that is set up to make you a poor investor, there are three things we can always deliver:

  • A simple written plan.
  • A systematic stream.
  • A long-term historical perspective.

We believe in a multi-faceted approach. We pride ourselves in providing a team of financial and insurance professionals with well-rounded expertise and experience.

We have formed strategic alliances with other business owners in industries related to ours in which we have confidence working together, including estate planning attorneys, tax professionals, life insurance specialists, property and casualty agents, and more.